Why Morning Dimsum? :(

I love dim sum but I cannot bring myself to wake up super early just for it! :(

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  1. Lol same here... especially when Ipoh ppl wakes up super early to get dimsum =(

  2. Maybe should just ask them to tapao dimsum for u XD

  3. Wern:
    Hahah I know right! D: Too early!!!

    Pek Chek:
    They won't one T____T

  4. right,when u wanna dim sum again,let's wake up at 5sm

  5. WOW that was an early Dimsum munching.. hahaha.. XD

  6. Ah Ben:
    Don't want tapao for me T.T

    It's a culture in the place I'm living at in Msia :D

  7. yeahh.. always lazy to wake up early! lol

  8. ken:
    Hard to wake up!! D:

    Hilda Milda:
    Hehe thanks!


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