I'm a GD & TOP Stalker :3

The other day, I was sitting excitedly waiting for GD and TOP's World Premiere of their new album! Such an brilliant idea to launch it online to worldwide audiences. :D And 5 more days till their full album release on Christmas Eve! :D

And look! It's a GTOP Desktop! It rhymes!

Anyway, this is their awesome-est MV of their High High song! :D

High High, I'm So High, High High, Up in the Sky! High High, I'm So High, Fly Fly, Touch the Sky!

I feel like a stalker T______T

Ok updating with performance from Inkigayo today! :D

High High & Oh Yeah!

I'm a happy stalker <3

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  1. My sis and I are GTOP stalker too <3<3<3 ! :D:D:D!

  2. Your Humble Servant:
    Haha I will! :D

    Lin Wan:
    Yayyyyyy! Big Bang ftw T_T


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