BRB! Game in Progress!

I'm 3 years deprived of Kingdom Hearts! Let me play to my hearts content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Haven't own a PSP yet so can't play this game yet...Haiz...Only finish playing KH1 and KH2 PS2!

  2. Chihiro:
    Faster go get a PSP!!! :D

  3. I oso wanna fast fast buy ar but the 3000 version price still high leh...Around RM900+...

  4. Chihiro:
    Cannot get the 2000 version?

  5. Can get it but the seller say the 2000 one no more to be manufacture again so he will give me the 2000 that is not original one.... :(

  6. Aww better get 3000 then *patpat* Get 2nd hand?


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