New Layout: Destroy the Snowflakes!

We must destroy the snowflakes before it destroys us!

Here's a new layout to welcome the Christmas spirit! :)

Hope you guys like it :D

I've changed my Twitter background as well! :D Follow me follow me here! :)

And if you like it, here's a wallpaper size! :)

Download: 1280 x 960
P/S: One more week till I go home! :D

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  1. I saw Miao at the header~! When do you want to collaborate with Akiraceo? sure fun to see appear on each other blog~

  2. Joanne:
    Thanks! :D

    Tian Chad:
    Omg! Faster you become our mediator! :P

  3. ur blog always looks good! >=D

  4. So adorable! it's in hot pink! looking forward for pink christmas en?

  5. mimichanz:
    Hehe thanks! :D

    Hehe pink christmas yay! My friend said this is bimbo pink >D

  6. You have the cutest layout ever!

  7. Oh my gOSH ! SO cute ! I love your character =))

  8. Wah! Your blog so cute >.<! Can I follow you on twitter?

  9. Mico:
    Hehe thanks! Hopefully the cuteness will not die down!

    Hehe thanks! I've been using it for quite some time :D

    Of course can! :D


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