Bits of Canberra

I've officially ended my first semester in Canberra, and although Canberra could be boring at times, I really grew to love this place. :)

The amount of Heineken bottles in my friend's place. Crazy right? :D

Taken right outside their place in Kaleen, such pretty views! And you could see cows grazing the field as well. 

Ainsle Street in Civic, I took this when I was waiting for Ruth from TedxCanberra to pick me up for briefing.

My cooking has became awesome, and I really love cooking now. Especially when we did an assignment on Good Food Magazine, a cooking mag, it really made me realize that cooking can really distress you. :D I no longer cook weird food so it's a great improvement for me!

My friends and I walk everywhere, whenever possible. The air is clean, the streets are clean, it is safe, less cars, what more could we ask for? Imagine walking in KL -.-

Black swans by the lake, and there's more than one! :) I've yet to see a kangaroo though :(

The things I see everytime I walk near the lake. :D

Wonderful scenery, seriously picture perfect.

Oh we have Dimsum here too! The prawn dumplings look like the ones back home right? :D

Last but not least, there's a karaoke place here near my hostel and they have Big Bang! *Cries in happiness*

I'm not saying that it is much better Malaysia, as Malaysia is home after all, but I really love it here. I'm seriously interested in finding a job here. Looking at where the government is going now, my urge to go back is really kind of low. :(

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  1. and my urge to go out is really kind of high XD

  2. Love the 3rd photo. Really miss the blue skies of Australia :D

  3. Tzy Wen:
    Hehe! I think I'll miss the clean air and all as well :D


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