Floriade NightFest

Floriade is an annual event in Canberra, which is a month's event celebrating the arrival of Spring. Every year, they have different themes and this year, it's Imagination: Where Will Yours Take You.

We went to the Floriade NightFest! With a student concession ticket of AUD10. The one thing I regret is missing Floriade during the day :( I was sick. :(

Lining to go into Floriade! :D

Heaps of people and shops near the entrance

Wonderful tulips! Tulips! First time seeing tulips! :D Was looking forward to shoot them in the morning, but could not make it :( 

Some of the awesome line ups for the night:

Girls with fire :X

Movie under the stars. It was Mamma Mia that night

Artsy fartsy stuff

Ikea-look a like-lanterns hanging everywhere

But my favorite and most memorable part of NightFest are the umbrellas! Umbrellas that floats! :D

Super pretty! :D

I feel like grabbing them all :D

The wonderful people I went with :3

What's Floriade without flowers right?

Un-bloomed tulip. :D

The whole place smelt like fresh flowers, not too overpowering, but just nice. How I wish I was there in the morning T__________________________T

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  1. ur blog so beautiful...
    i m here 2 support u, gambateh!


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