5 Phase of My Sucky Presentation

I have no idea why was I so nervous today, and I jumbled up all my points. I could not speak properly and I hid behind the table after I ended.

WTF WAS I DOING? D: I am okay with group presentations, but don't know why today I just lost all my confidence. Urgh! Where's all my presentation skills from IACT? T________________T


Must buck up for the next individual presentation already. Urgh!

I hate myself today. T_____________T

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  1. shit, and I have presentation tmr. you make me feel kan cheong.. hope I dont screw up. It's a group presentation. >.<

  2. you'll get bettter with more practice!
    i also flung my individual presentation on my final year project. more jialat!
    anw just practice more chingyyyyyyyyyy :DDDD

  3. i9t's ok to be nervous sometimes, we're humans after all!


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