The Uncle who Snored Too Much

When I was on my flight to Melbourne, my friend and I were seated next to this uncle who was travelling alone, I guess.

He looks something like this. :3

Everything was normal, and the plane was just about to depart off when suddenly,


We didn't really bother after that, and I began flipping the magazines provided, when suddenly, the snores got louder. :3

And the funny thing is, when the captain announced that meals will be served, he automatically woke up and eat his meal,

And fell asleep while snoring again. =_____=

I think he slept through the whole 7 hours journey soundly, while I kept tossing around the whole night. T____T


But I really salute the uncle, I call him 'Anytime, Anywhere Can Sleep Person'! :D

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  1. you didnt try ask the stewardess see what can be done XD

  2. oh great tat u reach safely..
    uncle snoring and kids crying loudly are most annoying that can happen in aeroplane.
    wear more clothes 2 keep u warm.take care

  3. Tian Chad:
    Hehehe cham hor T_T

    Haha not his fault.

    Haha paiseh leh ><

    Hehe yep reached safely! :D Thanks Kira! :D Omg yes kids crying another annoying one D:


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