Dried Brain

You know, I booted up Illustrator in hoping to do something in order to liven up this place, but then... I shut it down after a minute.

I HAVE A DRIED BRAIN T_____________________________________T 

And I can't even imagine how a dried brain looks like urghhhhhh!!!!! *Frustrated frustrated T_T*

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  1. Taje a rest travel around then sure u will have idea =D

  2. Too much of MS.

  3. hi....i love ur blog...is there any way i can follow u just through ur blog n not twitter??....kind of lost and new with blogging actually...n kind of got meself mesmerized with all the cartoons around XD....

  4. Tian Chad:
    Hehe yesh!


    Hehe can can. I;ll be active again on August! :D

  5. I don't have a dried brain. just a fried brain. Hahaa!

  6. try buying a pigs brain n fry? lols


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