Toy Story 3

Just came back from Toy Story 3 movie.

Why I Laughed?

1. The Way Woody Ran. Really cannot stop laughing whenever he runs. His arms and legs flungs around crazily. :D

2. The Super Duper Cute Peas in a Pod!! (Which appeared for a little while T_T) AND OMG THEIR VOICE IS SO CUTEEEEEEE! <3 <3 <3

3. Ken's Awesome Outfits. Super vain Ken. :D

4. Buzz's Expressions. Especially in one part where he was dump into the garbage bag instead of the College Box. :D

5. Tortilla Mr Potato. AHAHAHA I don't know how to explain but ahahahaha!

6. Google Map ahahahah. It does look like Google Maps right? :P

Why I Cried?

WHEN ANDY SEPARATED WITH HIS TOYS!!!! T________T I really cried in the cinema, had to fast fast wipe the tears away T_______T

Speaking of toys, all my toys are packed in a box, sealed tightly. :(

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  1. haha wipe wipe fast before someone saw your tears! but the scene was really sad. the part where andy turned away when bonnie (is it?) wave his woody. sobs sobs

  2. toy story 3 rocks. made me feel bad about throwing all my toys away last time >.<


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