The Special Glow

They say, when a lady is conceived, they have this special glow. It's true! :) 

I'm gonna be a godmother in a month's plus time! <3

Now, what should I get for the little baby girl Gabrieanne? :) Suggestions suggestions!! :)

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    I always give baby carrier though coz no one seems to give that because they always give baby bottle, toys, pillows and clothes.. ^^

  2. I guess a lovely designed card by you will do for the mother. As for kids, illustrate the baby pict for mom ;p

  3. Mico:
    But baby carrier is toooo expensive wuwuwuwu!!! :(

    Tian Chad:
    Hehe! I promised I'll do a blog header for her. xD Thanks for the ideaaaa! :D

    True, that's a necessity! :D

  4. Dun get the standard box with clothes, gloves, socks etc. Everyone does. Get a good toy from Lamaze or something. Or ask the mother what they need.

  5. oh for a moment from the title tot ur talking bout me ^^ lols...jkin la.

    Perhaps you can draw up a contract/coupon for free baby sitting services ^^ i'm sure the mommy and daddy will love LOVE you for it^^

  6. julian:
    Ah I see toys!!! :D Soft toy okay right?

    Hehe I got reminded of you actually xD Free baby sitting service! Expiry till I come back from degree xD

  7. I would have cross stitch something. Something that you can stitch on the bolster or pillow=)

  8. Gabrienne..beautiful name! Get her a stuffed doll!lol :D

  9. Fiona:
    Wuuuu I no time T____T

    Hehe beautiful name right!! :D



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