Woolley's Food City

Another food post because I think everyone loves food! :D Actually I got nothing to update :P

Woolley's Food City in Ipoh!

They have renovated so it does not look dodgy anymore. My siblings used to go up to the second floor to look at the arcade games every time we come here. Good times! :D

Full house! It's been quite some time I've been here so I presume the food will be good. There's a lot of stalls to choose from actually. I wanted to order their Bento but the price can cut my throat. :(

Pan Mee - RM3.50. Pretty normal to me.

My RM3.50 POT OF THICK, GOOEY CLAYPOT LOU SHU FUN! T_____T The gravy is so thick that I got full in few minutes. See the appearance also know adee. T______T

I think they glued my mouth together.

Small anchovy fried rice. RM3.50 or RM4.50. Haha sorry forgotten already! The reason I named it small cause my mom said it's a smaller version of anchovy which I do not know the name in English. :(

Chicken and Char Siew rice - RM4.00. I think it's nice cause my brother finished the whole plate quickly. :D I'm impressed with the presentation though. :D

Indian Rice - RM5.00 with that fish at the far corner. Hahaha. No better picture of this cause my sister took this lalalala.

Overall, there's only a few notable stalls in Woolley's Food City that is nice. Don't order the THICK, GOOEY CLAYPOT LOU SHU FUN THAT I ORDERED!!!! D:

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  1. Each time I go to Woolley sure must order the Indian rice. Very delicious leh...

  2. You should try their Vietnam chicken rice too..very nice! The curry mee also!! I've had the Teriyaki chicken bento quite a few times, it's quite filling lor...go try it next time... :)

  3. wah..wooley so in liao..
    i miss the 2nd floor..always go up there when i was small haha

  4. your food photos really good la...planning to write the big fish pizza post??

  5. Fiona:
    Sold by the Chinese guy one right? :D

    Oo oo!!! Will do! :D

    shin lei:
    In hor! Me too me too!!!!! I think now no more adee.

    Hehe thanks! Yep still doing the post. :(

  6. I have try the Teriyaki Bento too!
    The taste was ok but the price really expensive cos it cost around RM8 something...But the stall that sell Chicken Chop Rice is worth a try!
    Overall, only some stall that got sell tasty food only...

  7. wah! I almost ordered that that last time I was there! haahhahha Goeeyy ey! thank god xP lucky me.

  8. Chihiro:
    It looks like every store also nice kan? Hehe! Ok will try the Chicken Chop Riceeeee!!!


  9. ohhh? woolley renovated already!!!

  10. jfook:

    Yesyes very nice adee!

  11. yeah, the indian rice sold by chinese guy one.

  12. i shouldnt view the post now...hungry in the midnight


  13. lol...i look at the lou su fan also i full liao :-P

  14. Fiona:
    Nom nom!

    Hahahah go eat! :D

    Hahaha same thing with mee!


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