Temples and Caves and Tortoises

I think one thing that is worth visiting in Ipoh is the temples and caves. And yes, there's nothing much to do in Ipoh except eat. HAHAHAHA.

I am very happy as these places are well maintained, although I saw irresponsible people throwing rubbish everywhere.

Behold! The really colorful temple! :D

The newly renovated temple called Ling Sen Tong. Two mighty dragons guarding it.

Oh the colorful interior! I think the designer loves colors a lot! :D It seems so pleasing to the eyes. :D

One of the various statues there.

My siblings and I used to sit on these and took loads of pictures with it when we were much, much younger. :D

Further down the road, there is a cave called Sam Poh Tong which leads to a pond that have many, many tortoises!!! :D I did not know that in the olden days, Chinese words are read from right to left too.

Amazing gold statues.

The cave pathway to the TORTOISES!!!!

A temple right in the middle of the mountains. I really like this!

TORTOISES WAITING TO BE FED BY US! :D But what I noticed is that the numbers of tortoises have dwindled a lot, it used to be FULL of them when I was younger.

Baby tortoise, so cute! :3

Father and son? Hehehe.

One of the biggest tortoise in the clan of tortoises!

Om nom nom.. I think this big fella is quite old already.

There were few families who brought their kids to feed the tortoises which are so cute! I remember how my siblings and I used to be so excited over them. :D

Forgot to mention, I'm born on the year of dragon. NGAUM!!! :3

Bye bye!


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