Tell Me Goodbye

Currently in love with the song Tell Me Goodbye by Big Bang~

In 13 hours after launching, Big Bang's latest song and music video clinched 125k+ views, and is rising every minute. WOOHOOOOO!!!!! :D


And in an instance, the dedicated hashtag #tellmegoodbye got to the Trending List, losing behind Jick Nonas which is unbeatable thanks to Justin Bieber's fans. Seriously, his fan base is CRAZY! D:

I've made all 5 different wallpapers! Initially wanted to make only 2 as I'm biased. :D Size 1200 x 800 as there are no HQ pictures yet. ><>

Download here

Download here

Download here

Download here

Download here

Which one you like? :D Leave your comments below ya? :D
*Gonna ignore Panda for today*

Tell Me Goodbye~ Tell Me Goodbye~

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  1. GDDDDD so handsomeee! *wubwub*

  2. omg i love it too... listening nonstop now =p

  3. i like tae yang most!! merely bias coz he totally steal my heart away when he sang wedding dress!!
    and he is so good in dancing!!!
    go tae yang!!!

  4. Redbuttockz:
    Haha why your nick so cute one!!! Tell Me Goodbyeeee! :D

    kira max:
    Hehehh!! I like Daesung best!!! :D

  5. Of course I love TOP.!
    Well, I am A TOP-biased so yeah!
    Great work.. aigoo!
    Thanks for making this.

  6. mhen:
    HEHE DAESUNGIEEE FOR ME! No problem mhen. :3

    Hehe yeshyesh. :D

    Hehe no biased member? :D

  7. nice blog & en3 dude..keep it up.. visit mine if free..lets share together ;)

  8. the fourth one ish nice! :-)


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