The Sad Farewell

After I gotten this awesome Pen Pen as my baby, everything seemed interesting to me ahahaha. I could not stop taking pictures or taking HD videos. I think my memory card burst a few times. :(

Below are a few shots that I really, really like besides the ones that I've posted before. :D

Boiling chickens

Shot by my sis, my grandpa's papaya tree which fell after my grandpa gotten sick T______T

A really colorful street light near the Stadium Food Court!

Right outside my house! I really love that tree. :D Used Pop Art filter to bring out the colors.

Sunset sunset! I must try to wake up early to capture the sunrise one day aaha.

The tree's bark look like an eye!!!

Used Spot Shadow exposure for this! Noms!!

A compulsary sky picture! :D

And a panorama of my recent visit to the temple which I will blog soon! <3

Click to view the huge huge panorama by Pen Pen! :D

But truly happy moments don't last long, each fantastic meet will end in separation. That's the case of me and Pen Pen.

One day, when we were shooting the sky and clouds, we were forever separated.

It rained suddenly..

A purple beam suddenly reflected on Pen Pen, and he was floating~

It was those monsters that was chasing us in the beginning!

A crazy purple beam surrounded the whole place, and *Poof* They were gone, including Pen Pen.

My review days with Olympus Pen EPL-1 ended alreadyyyyyyyyyyy! T_____________T You can view all my previous adventures with Pen Pen here.

*Stabs chest*

I'm missing it so muchhhhhh! Please come back to me.. *Pleading eyes*

*Goes into fetal position and cry*

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  1. Tian Chad:
    Cause I'm poor? :D

  2. pen pen got panaroma function as well???omg, the more i read ur blog the more i like it man!!!

  3. That. is. so. FUNNY!
    I'm bookmark-ing this blog right now.

  4. kira max:
    Heeee! That made my day! :D Yep got panorama function as well :D

    Hehe yay!!!

  5. lansi color all so vivid >.<

  6. Yatz:
    Where got lansi ahohoho!! *Lansi*

  7. yooo... u must be sad by now :D

  8. Nana:
    Very special right? :D


  9. Don't sad nah... Save up $$ and buy one ^^


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