Omg Keeeeel Me!!!!

My spirit to change blog layout was so hyped up that I finished the designs last Saturday. But today, I've decided to change it all over again. T________T

*Slaps self*

Click on it to feel it's full glory! :P

My first concept was in a graveyard where two ghosts wants to brighten up the place with flowers akakakaka! I thought it seems clever that time, but today when I look at them again, I think the design is not nice at all. T__________T

I even did a matching footer, and a Ghost Twitter Bird. T_________T

Gonna go put ointment on my face and work diligently on the new layout now.

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  1. If the flowers are more colourful it would it a nice design =)
    Always like your skills on AI~!

  2. chingy i like yr background design...very nice le...i think yr flowers lack of effect...doesn't show changes from previous and after...hehe anyway i always like your creative design...keep it up!!

  3. Tian Chad:
    Hehe!! Thank you Tian Chad! Yealoo, a bit dull kan?

    Hahaha thanks! :D

  4. I like the background with the fence very much ^^

    The ghosts and the flowers part kinda lack of something..

  5. Jian:
    Hehe thank youuu! Yealo, really very dull. I'm uploading new layout soon!!! :D

  6. cute la the self slapping..sayang...LOL :-p

  7. ur blog is sooooo damn cute..uhhuhh

  8. you always give some cute picture in u're post, did you draw it before you write or???

    u're picture is so cute,.

  9. fazlyna:
    Heheh thank youuuu! :3 I like cute stuff :D

    I plan on what I wanna update, then I draw them :D


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