My New Partner!

Since Pen Pen has been zapped away by the monsters.. T____T I've cleverly devised a new sidekick for myself..


The 팬더. Or The Panda.

Distinct characteristics:

1. Powered by blue core
2. Sharp teeth that can cut through anything
3. Blue angel wings that enables him to fly
4. Korean bred LOL (Hence the name :P)

And he likes to wake up early, and just wait behind you till you wake up.

P/S: Anyone wants a wallpaper size of The Panda? :D

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  1. scary.. >> "And he likes to wake up early, and just wait behind you till you wake up."

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Panda so kawaii!! Hehe...Gonna love ur new sidekick! LOL!!

  4. Dhong:

    Hehe I LOVE IT TOO! <3

  5. Nick:
    HEHE! :D

    *Grins* Panda whee!


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