Baby Toothless :3

I love the movie How To Train Your Dragon so much! (I watched it so late, I know) I was so curious when everyone that watched this movie talked about Toothless. Did not understand it back then but I fell in love with Toothless the moment he smiled. :D

I really like how Toothless is one of a kind (I hope they explained why he is the only species of Night Fury though)

And how he is so cute even when he is angry.

I love the concept whereby Hiccups learns about dragons through Toothless as well!

I secretly want to see a baby Toothless, so this is what I imagined him to be. :D

Baby Toothless ehehhe. Wings have not fully expanded yet.

Fly Panda flyyyyyy!~

I think I'm going to watch How To Train Your Dragon for the second time when the DVD comes out!!!!! (Or Sengfoo, let me watch on your PS3 T_T)

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  1. but baby toothless shouldn't be handicapped as well right? i mean the tail part.. haha.. nice illustration btw! =)


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