Trade wins over the Environment

I was very disappointed after reading the articles on the proposals from the Conference of the 175-nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in Doha from March 13-25. Species of animals that should be protected are rejected by countries that are responsible for the dwindling numbers.

Species of animals that were proposed, but were rejected:

1. Bluefin Tuna

The Bluefin Tuna's numbers have fallen up to 80% since 1970, and the number is continuing to dwindle due to constant harvesting. In Japan, it is considered as a prized gourmet, and it was rejected by other countries because they blame the unregulated fishing, not because of the trade. As much as I love sushi, it's very inhumane to continue harvesting them just because they are expensive and valuable.

2. Red and Pink Corals

Yep, if you own one, it was harvested from the marine life so you could wear and make yourself look pretty. The proposed restrictions of 31 species of these corals that were often used in jeweleries were rejected because of the blooming industry.

3. Eight types of sharks

Proposals to protect these eight types of sharks which include the Hammerhead shark were voted down due to the demand of shark fins soup in Asia. A staple in weddings, and considered a delicacy, we rather eat till they extinct. Probeagle shark were voted down on the last day, and failed to get the protection that it deserves.

4. Polar Bears

As adorable as they are, people still kill them. They are killed for rugs and trophies, so we humans can earn loads of money from selling them. When a proposal to ban the trade of polar bears, it was argued that the dwindling numbers were because of climate change, not because of the excessive trade.

I seriously do not understand why the selfishness of humans can be so great. Trade > Environment.

Did these animals ask to be poached, killed, and turned into products or profits?

Did they come to us, and say "Kill us so you could be rich!"

No they didn't. But we, the smarter developed species, decided to use them for the purpose of economy, for profits, for whatever reasons we can think of. Proposals were done because they are facing extinction, and yet, developed countries could not even lend a hand, because if we stop the trade, we will lose money.

Are they gonna be harvested till they extinct? What are the countries going to do then when all these animals officially extinct? Clone them? Built a special zoo to breed, kill, breed, kill? It is very inhumane for those countries to put their economy over these animals, yes, the economy is important for a country's development, but jeopardizing another species for your own self importance, I think it is awful.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you support their act? If you were the delegates, which option will you choose?

You can read the Bluefin tuna article here.

P/S: If we were the one slaughtered and poached for the animal's benefits, what will we feel?

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  1. Its sad :(

    Humans are just too greedy and selfish..

  2. T____________________________________T

  3. jian:
    T____T Kesian kan! They don't care one!


  4. @#**`+^$#^&/@I

    *minda terganggu sekejap.

    some human=evil.

    if only i can b a hero like in tv.


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