14 Super Awesome Ads!

Jumbo sized peanuts! It's even too big for Jumbo himself. :D

2100 Watt Vacuum Cleaner

So cute la!!! I can chew 10 of these at the same time. :D

An ad for insect repellent.

Very effective ad. And meaningful too. :D Volunteer to join the Red Cross.


Hair spray ad. SO CUTE!! *Pinch pinch the lion*

HAHA SO CUTE LA! The cobra face. "Electricity Can Be Deadly". And cute!!

Very, very clever. :) Ad for Foot Protection Cream.

Hahahhaha! I really love this. The expression for Softlan ad is so classic!

I iz your father!!

Olympus Optical Zoom. I think I'm easily attracted to cute ads like these. :D

Face detection! Haha!

Here's a final ad to tickle you funny! :D

My dream car. :(

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  1. wow!! really cool ads!!!i wish i'm as creative as them -_-"

  2. Awesome! I love that face detection ad ! That's the best one! hahahahaha!

  3. awesome!!!! u own a pen pen ? nikon d3000 vs canon 1000d vs olumpus e-pl1, which one better?

    nanged. nang to read about Ice Kacang Puppy Love

  4. theeggyolks:
    Sure can one! :D

    Hehe thanks!

    Haha that cracked me up as well! :D

    For a month's review, and I love it so much! Well, Olympus EPL-1 is 4/3 Micro technology, so you can't really compare with DSLR.

    But the pictures quality can be on par with the latter! :D This is why I love it so much. :D


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