My Baby :3

I walked towards the room confusingly. He's so light! Only 344g? Dr Home said that he is very fair, with white porcelain skin, and is very smart.

So cute kan!!! He's Olympus Pen EPL-1 and I'm gonna name him Pen Pen. :) *Scribbles on birth cert*

All future stories with Pen Pen can be read from the Pen Story icon above. :D I'll try my best to blog on the features and what not. I only have a month to be with Pen Pen. Gonna make full use of this short time. :(

P/S: How do you like the new layout? :D I personally love the footer :P

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  1. So cute!!!!
    I like those little monsters chasing your penpen :D

  2. Woot you got an Olympus Pen now~! =)
    Like your comics

  3. omggg u even got your blog theme suit your pen peennnn!!! XD niceee~ and damn i'ma jeles i wan penpen, too! =P

  4. Akiraceo:

    Tian Chad:
    Getting it for one month only T_T

    One month jor have to give back one T____T

  5. why one month only??

  6. shin lei:
    For review only TT____TT

  7. i've got a new baby too! :3 :3

  8. i want a pen pen tooooooo T.T outside selling how much ah?

  9. may i ask how u can get the review of the pen pen ya?

    is there competition or the company straight find u coz u r juz so good?

    u r doing a damn good job!

  10. kira max:
    Hee thanks for your compliment! <3 It's from Nuffnang actually. xD

  11. ooo... wah... thanks for the info.. realli good..
    i guess it feels so good to own though only for a month.perhaps u have been doing so good, they might juz give u pen pen.hehehe.

  12. kira:
    Hehe hope so!!! :D Yeah, a month is really good. :D


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