Morning Market

Usually I get real excited the day before when my mom asked me to go to the morning market, then when morning approaches, I do not want to go and prefer to sleep instead.

But when I gotten Pen Pen, my determination to wake up is so great! :D I brought Pen Pen to the morning market with me, my mom and my aunt and uncle in Shah Alam to take some pictures with it.

So I dragged Pen Pen and myself to the morning market for a mini shoot. :)

One thing I realized about this morning market is that they have a separate section for the non halal items.


Very, very huge. But did you know that pigs are clever and clean? :)

Had to use Program Mode here as I do not want to be standing in the middle of the busy market to take pictures. But the outcome is lovely. I had to hold tightly to Pen Pen because my uncle told me that some people might just snatch it away.

I realized that fishes or in BM, Ikan are very fascinating subjects to take.

Sigh, baby sharks are being sold here! T_T Why why why! I really don't understand. Why can't we banned sharks from being sold?

I love this picture! Thank you Olympus Pen EPL-1!! *Hugs Pen Pen to death* Look how creepy the bottom fish is? Brr...

Some shots I used Single Focus on the Aperture mode for all these shots, but after that I discovered Manual Focus which was much better as I can control which angle to be blurred and whatnot. :D

Formula 1 Shah Alam Peanuts! Ahohoho. I really like how the Olympus Pen EPL-1 have the ability to capture the colors even I'm using the shutter speed feature.

Vegetables! :D

Flat Peas? Omg my knowledge on vegetables are the worse.

Purple flat peas? T_T Omg save me. T_T

Long beans!

Lady Fingers, I don't eat these.

I don't eat round and cute brinjals either.

Chinese cabbage.

One red cherry tomato amongst many yellow ones!

I emphasize a lot on colors; and Olympus Pen EPL-1 never fails me. I love how vivid the colors of the vegetables are, especially on the cherry tomato picture. Am so contented with this. :) (I have not used the Pop Art filter yet and yet, each hue is brought out nicely. :))

All pictures above are taken under both yellow and natural light.

If you did not know, this new Olympus Pen series have multiple options for White Balance, which is very important in taking photographs. I used program mode so all I had to do was to play with the White Balance.

I learned to use this color temperature feature in Olympus Pen EPL-1 called Kelvin which I really, really like! Basically, you can get manually set the color temperature, the higher the K units is, the more bluish the image will be.

Taken with Kelvin 12000. (12000k)

Kelvin 5000. (5000k)

Or if it's too complicated, the Auto White Balance works smartly as well. (I used it A LOT as well and I never need to adjust the white balance everytime with the help of the Live MOS sensor :P)

I want Pen Pen to be my sidekick forever. :(

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  1. Eeeee the pig thigh/leg is scary looking! O_O I didn't know they sold sharks in the market!

  2. It's gigantic you know! O_O Yeala, could not help but snap it :(

  3. pig feet = picture of the year!

  4. omg..they actually sell whole shark in the market?? :-P

  5. Dylan:
    Lucky I brought Pen Pen to the market to take this legendary pig feet picture! :D

    Yesh so cruel T____T

    Hilda Milda:
    Ngaum! :D

  6. wah~ i never thought that wet market can be that interesting XD

  7. whao~ nice camera~ it really bring out the colors^^

  8. theeggyolks:
    Hehe you should go take pictures with Egg and a new Penpen as well! :P

    Yep! Lovely colors right? <3

  9. Whoa.. Lovely results.. ^^
    Thanks for sharing!
    P/s: Nice Blog by the way....

  10. Dewi:
    Hehe thanks! Will share more pictures from the awesome Pen Pen!!

  11. hey, nice post... was just reading on two friends of yours writing a post on plagiarism (with u in it).. The people who steal, will get their chance... so u dunit to worry about being plagiarized... because it means that your work is GOOD....

  12. kailiy:
    Of course ahahah!

    Hey! Thanks for the comment! :D Hehe! Not worrying anymore already :D

  13. Hi there,

    Your cartoons are cute. What kind of software do you use? Thanks :)

  14. Jennifer:
    Adobe Illustrator :)


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