Kpop Updates! :D

It's time for Kpop again! :D

Below are some Kpop songs worth listening to! Some not exactly latest hehe but these are the ones I always loop over and over again.

How Did We Get - Lee Hyori ft Daesung

Daesung's voice different already! D: So manly <3

Swing - Lee Hyori

The music video is very, very deep. The clown is scary, yet melancholic at the same time.

Run - Epik High

Run~ Run~ Run Away~ Epik High always produces good songs. :) You can follow one of the member, Tablo's twitter here. :D

Time to Walk Memories - Nell

A very underrated song it seems. But to me, it's very soothing and awesome! :D

Added new song!! There is No Love by Gummy.

Her voice is very soulful! :) Talking about how love is just a lie. :(

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