Denzel :3

Let's flashback to when first Pen Pen opened his eyes! :D

Denzel, my nephew is 5 months old. :D I really like his name. If my cousin has another daughter, I thank she can be named Hazel. :D
The first shot!

Focused wrongly sorry >_<

Denzel was the first model for Pen Pen! :D Sorry if some of these shots are blur, I was still experimenting on this awesome Pen Pen back then. :D My first impression of it? Very solid built, and the size is so small for such a powerful camera!

There's gonna be picture of Danzel exactly like above! Hahahaha! Please stay till the end k?

Zoomed a little too near ehehehe.

Getting better...

Woohoo success!! :D I love how that glimmer of shine on his eyes is captured by Pen Pen.
*Pinch pinch Denzel*

Looking at my aunt, his grandma. :)

However, I was having problems when Denzel would not stop moving. He is one active baby!

But then, thank God I discovered the Dis Mode on Pen Pen after poking around! :D Look at the super sharp pictures! It enables you to take moving subjects such as kids, cars, pets etc.

He's on the process of excreting feces hehehe.

I think it's coming out!! D:

That felt weird. O_O

I used the manual Aperture mode, where you get to get to choose which part to be bokeh-ed. Omg look at his thighs! Like chicken drumsticks! :D


I was very interested in the art filter as a friend of mine owns the Olympus EP1, and this Pen EPL-1 has 6 different art filters. Will elaborate more on these soon. :)

Soft focus.

Didn't realized Denzel had a mini red spot on his forehead until I took it with Pen Pen. I find this Olympus Pen EPL-1 takes details very, very well, even with the art filter.

And this is the perfect first Soft Focus picture! :D I really love it, Denzel looks like a little angel with the effect. :)

My favorite art filter in Pen Pen, the Pinhole.

Nah! The emoticon picture!

Look alike right? AHAHAHHA! Too cute adee!!! :D

Using a camera is all about trials and errors and I guess my journey with Pen Pen will be very fruitful. I could not stop snapping pictures after getting Pen Pen. The attachment is too great. T_T

Denzel's tired, funny face after the shoot. :D I think he loves Pen Pen too as much as I do! :D
Now both babies also must sleep and recharge. :)

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  1. wah Denzel is so cute... ^^
    he's mixed right?

  2. littlepolaris:
    Yep! Chindian :D

  3. Hey its good that the shutter can release even when its not in focus unlike some n00b cameras that never fire.

  4. Yeehou:
    Haha very true! Some unfocused pictures can be really nice as well! :D

  5. CUTE!!!! Wanna pinch him!!

  6. catherine:
    Hehe cute kan!

    *Pinch pinch*

  7. The baby looks really really cute lar =D Pen Pen looks nice also!

  8. wa so cute! he practically smiled in every picture!!! :) :)

  9. Tian Chad:
    Hehe Denzel and Pen Pen for the win! :D

    Cute right!! Grow up sure very handsome one :D


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