Past Artworks

Before I knew how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, it was all by hand. :D

I remember vandalizing my whole house's walls when I was really little. I was the eldest, my dad will be working, and my mom will be doing the houseworks, thus I was left all alone with crayons and papers. But I think I was bored of paper. The wall is a better canvas!

I was very interested in typography (I didn't know it was called typography ㅠㅠ) back then. I call them graffiti. O_O

I know! Iz very the noob. D:

After that I improved okay? Hehehe. Here are some not so noob stuff. I'm maximizing the light box plugin thingy, so click to view it in higher resolution!! :D

Yes, I was obsessed with this Taiwanese group called Energy when I was Form 4. >_<>

Then I moved on to pen! :D

Then color pens and highlighters.

Class page for graduation booklet. :D

And I tried editing the scans to make it look like very old and historical, but I failed. ㅠㅠ

I feel like scribbling on papers again. D:

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  1. Scribble on! The best art is on paper by pencil.

  2. yea. I was obsessed with Energy too! That's how we met right? LOL. Energy forum or something. Haha

    Anyway, I still thought those are called Graffiti, till now! Those are really really awesome! I wish I could draw like these. XD

  3. i still thought those are call graffiti style typography. =P i used to do those, too and esp the energy one! lol.

  4. Very nice typograffiti!! LOL!
    I'm also an Energy fan back then!! But now more into TVXQ and Big Bang!! Hehe...

  5. I was obsessed with Energy also.. But now they are no longer that active.. haha..
    Well very nice typography from you.. ^^
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Cmate:
    Hehe my lecture notes got alot also.

    Yeah wei! Through Winglin right?

    Hehe upload yours!

    Omg so many Energy fans! :D Yes Big Bang ftw!

    Supia Chao:
    Another one! :D Hehe thanks!


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