New Grey-ish Layout

I've finally gone minimalist.

No more heavy graphics. No more slow loading blog. No more long sidebar at the side, instead some of it went down.

But there's one teeny eeny weeny problem, see whether can anyone spot it. :D

And please leave comments on what I can improve ya? :D

Arigatou gozaimas!

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  1. The header looks like an angry voodoo doll ;p
    Prefer the one with baloon

    However your minimalism is a success!

  2. Cantik sangat , Chee . You are as marvelous as always -I know it through your graphics dearest GD- kekekekeke . But-but I really love the previous one actually , macam chocolate banana . hehehehe but ne , kakui !!

  3. ops , btw its me JunJ . forgot to mention :D

  4. Hey there.....nice blog design....not that bad actually :)

  5. nice template.. but i cant spot the problem.. too teeny eeny weeny for me edy =P

  6. Is it because of the header image text cannot be seen partially on top?

  7. Incompatible with Internet Explorer, widget javascript error and top bar not showing? :)

    Congrats on a step to being more matured and boring :P

  8. Tian Chad:
    Haha The balloon one cuter kan? xD

    JUNNNNNNN! <3 Terima kasih! :D

    Lansi meh? :P

    Haha thanks!

    Fuh lucky!

    Nope, another one. But I think only I was paranoid about it. T_T

    Now I know!!! Hahahhaa. Not many people use IE right? >_< Nooo I don't wanna be boring!!


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