I've recently taken up a job with a Furniture Fair Exhibition, and our job scope was to distribute flyers in PWTC, opposite the competitor's fair. I thought it's nothing much, as we are not taking over the customers as we are opposite. But then, something really scary happened on my first day of work.

We were threatened by these people. The undergrounds, the gangsters, the thugs, the samsengs, the black ones.

They came in a group of 8, and took all our flyers and threw them into the rubbish bin. Then they surrounded us and keep giving us warnings to not work there. Our supervisor was not there, and we were all so young!

They kept threatening to hit us (the boys only I guess) if we continue to linger around the area. But we could not move anywhere else as we were still under the company's employment.

One of them, which I presume is the head of the group, was the one doing all the talking. He was threatening in a nice manner, but everyone got scared. When the leader in our group tried talking his way out, they said that he was rude and was looking for trouble.

It was such a super scary experience! Wanted to silently take pictures but did not as I know I'll either be hit, or my phone thrown and broke into pieces.

As for the job, the client refuse to let us go, and all we do is just loiter around, avoiding those gangsters and still get paid.

Ain't that fun? :P

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  1. scary yup. but also, why still got such kind of ppl one! and btw, means you all didn't do the job and still get paid? lol.


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