The Coffee Effect

The other night, I had the coffee effect. Really regretted drinking a big cup of coffee around 9pm. I was awake the whole night! O.O

I was tossing around from 1am+ till 3am+. I have set my mind to sleep, but it just won't shut down.

Usually, I can sleep easily with music on, but no (!), listened till the battery died but I was still wide awake. ㅠㅠ

I tried counting sheeps as well. :D But then I was wondering, where do the sheeps go after they jump over the fence? Will I really sleep if I count sheeps?

Unable to take it, I went out to the living room, switched on the light, and started reading the newspaper. It was around 5.30am when I finally finished scanning through every articles. Went back to my bed, I was yawning already, but I was still not sleeping.

Thus, I did what everyone does best. I went to the computer, and started complaining in Twitter and Facebook. Hahahaha. But at that hour, who will reply you? ㅠㅠ Surfed around aimlessly, and suddenly, I can feel my mom waking up around 7.30am. Quickly, I ran back to the room without her knowing.

She'll go crazy if she found out I was awake the whole night. In the end, I slept around 8am and woke up around 11.30am.

Note to self: Drink coffee if there's a reason to stay up. If not, avoid it!

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  1. awwwwwwwww chee , awww poor you . next time jangan g minum coffee malam2 tau . :D I wondered as well where the sheeps gone too. D:

  2. Haha I like Power Puff Chingy~!
    Got Solar eye after drink coffee is nice ma ;p

    You can actually drink more water to flush out the caffein.

  3. Watermelon:
    Kan kan! Ya! Tak akan minum lagi xD

    Tian Chad:
    Hehe thanks! OH I didn;t know that! :D

  4. Hahahaha....i ordered for Cappuccino Shake at 8.30pm and just cant fall asleep throughout the whole night. pretty true

  5. hi ya :D
    tis post is very cute :D
    dont ever drink coffee during nite time again lo.
    take care :)

  6. gⓤIn:
    Hehe but sometimes cannot resist ehhehe!

  7. i know that feeling
    it happen to me several time T_T
    i end up feel dizzy during the day

  8. Hmm Coffee just doesn't have effect on me

  9. *pat pat*
    I know that feeling, but in my case, i can't sleep if I drink tea.


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