Big Bang Chibis!!

Cute anot? :D Big Bang Chibis!! :D Supposed to do this to send to BB through BBVIP but not enough budget sobsob.

Got budget already! Omg gonna send to Big Bang themselves together with Taeyang's and Daesung's birthday booklets!!!! :D :D :D

Big Bang FTW! :D

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  1. saya dengar kata itu bang besar akan datang june..

  2. soooooo cuteeeeee!!!! <3<3

    and wtfffff!!! they really coming in JUNE?! i'm going broke. :(

  3. belz:
    Bukan, itu U-Kiss :(

    U-Kiss :(

  4. bukan leh.. ada source yang kerja untuk suju concert cakap macam datang.. tapi tak confirm.


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