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Haha suddenly very semangat to photoshop, thus I asked in Twitter whether do they wanna be Avatar-ized anot. Lucky got people respond! :D

But, everyone thought it was the cartoon Avatar that I always do. :( So shyyy!!!

Gdragon heheh

Ok! After I finish a job, then I'll create the cartoon avatars okay!!! Sorry!! :(

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  1. wtfff got ahbeng Na'vi wtf sorry G Dragon had to make a joke at your expense!

  2. Yeehou:
    Where got Ahbeng! :(


  3. hahahahaha thank you. i look like a blue rabbit! hahahaha :E

  4. Cammy:
    Hehe mail me your front faced picture! :)

    Hahaha :3 Very cute kan! :P

  5. hey chingy, that's cute...
    can i have one as well? =P


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