Nokia Comes with Music Launch

Two days ago, on the 29th of January was the Nokia Comes with Music Launch in Bukit Kiara Indoor Equestrian Park. I was working as a crew, and was there since 2pm.

There were already people waiting outside the gates when I arrived, and I was kinda shocked cause the RM66 for 66 X6 Nokia phones were not first come first basis but it was under ballots. Nevertheless, I went in and got my shirt and briefing and waited for time to pass till 6pm as the doors will be opened then. VIPs and media will be thronging in at this time as well.

The concept in promoting the launch was with a Cube whom the ad agency labelled as the so called UFO to generate hype. However, I think the marketing for this event seemed inadequate and I did not know about this event until I did the flyering job during the week before. There were not enough buzz generated as well, and the buzz started in Twitter and Facebook only one or two days before.

There were 4 booths situated at the back of the venue to promote the X6 phones to the crowd, which I was supposed to working there as well together with the official Nokia promoters.

The redemption booth which brought both satisfaction and dissatisfaction to various people that day. I was kinda jealous with those that got the opportunity to redeem the phone for only Rm66. But there were many that were disappointed before the event as well.


The poor people waiting outside, drenched in heavy rain which started around 4pm to 5pm. I saw many people who wore shorts and their feet were soaked in mud. A couple which I handed the flyers to lost a shoe amidst the chaos as well.

There were some miscommunication and many thought the door will be opened at 6pm, but it was actually not. And suddenly, a few crew threw the door gifts to the crowd and everyone thought it was the ballot coupons for redemption, and everything was SO CHAOTIC after that.

People from behind keep pushing and pushing, and the crew have to keep them from barging in. Everyone was shouting at each other, and to be frank it was really scary. People in front were stuck and the people behind could not go back due to more people from behind pushing.

The person in charged said that if the crowd did not stop, the ballot coupons will not be distributed, and somehow with the arrival of the RELA security, everything seemed to calm down. The ballot coupons were given inside, and everyone is required to line up for it.

Unfortunately, there was a girl who was crushed and dehydrated and she could not move her body at all. She was brought in, and it took us quite some time to look for the St Johns, and basically, we were chaotic as well.

*Credits to Jordan*

The crowd that night. Fortunately the crowd was crazyyyyyy! The atmosphere was great, although I think the number of people were not up to expectation. I expected more as it was a free concert after all. I think quite a number left as well, like Cedric.

The crowd was the most hyped up when it was Boys Like Girls's turn.

*Credits to Jordan*

The lead singer ran down to the crowd, and this was what happened. =_______________=" I think everyone wanna touch his butt ahhahaha! Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of them, only knew '2 is Better than 1' and 'The Great Escape'.

When the concert was ending, a girl actually fell and sprained her backbone, and she could not move as well. I hope nothing bad happened, as the backbone is the most important.

The aftermath. Really pity the cleaners. And oh! I went to Boys Like Girls dressing room, and they left a few gifts by the fans there. There was a handmade scrap book, and I really pity the fan.

Wouldn't mind working as a team in organizing events and all, it seems tiring yet rewarding at the same time. All and all, I think this event could be better, especially from the marketing POV.

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  1. wow, sounded like you guys had better brng a full helmet + body armour suit next time theres any free music events!

  2. i'll nv go free event anymore..
    1stly hate babarian and sakai small kids
    2nd hate ppl push and complain like nobody business
    3rd FREE EVENT=FREE SAKAI around..weee!

    invited event still better XD

  3. Sam:
    Haha I think one security accidentally kena punched!

    Yalo yalo, but I don't get invited one ish! Hahahha.

  4. lol

    *the fans are actually want to touch the butt..=]

  5. Thanks for the mention, yeah I left because I couldn't take it anymore. Everything was so fucked up! Sigh... I am not going to attend any free events anymore it's really sick!

  6. Kaoru:
    Hahahha I think so lor xD

    Kesian you actually, it's really crazy!

  7. O_o what color was the scrapbook? no pics of the dressing room? lol.

  8. Joanna:
    It was black, with many pictures of BLG themselves, then individual pictures of each member with a girl. ><

    Wasn't allowed huhu~

  9. what else was left?

  10. was the cover like with a white heart and the inside got a group pic of 5 girls? any idea how to get the book back?

  11. Anonymous:
    Nope don't think so. Cause I didn't skim through it all too. ><

  12. so the cover didn't have a white heart with 3 colored strips? we just need to be sure. was the book thick and A4 size?

  13. Anonymous:
    Nope! The whole cover was black. It is A4 sized tied with strings. Not really thick. ><

  14. i see i see. THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering my questions!!

  15. Anonymous:
    Hehe no prob! I'm sure they accidentally left it behind or something. :)

  16. are you sure there are strings and its all black? and not thick right?
    thank you alot btw! seriously.
    you've helped.

  17. yeah, it's prolly an accident with all the madness going on =)

  18. thank you owh so much! really.


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