If I'm a Tooth Fairy

In order to successfully collect a tooth from the children, we need gadgets! Gadgets is very important in order to make the mission successful!

Firstly, you need an invisible cloak! This is to ensure no other party can block or stop you when you sneaked into the house. And also to hide yourself from the kids who sometimes wake up in the middle of the night.

Secondly, a multi-purpose belt filled with multi-purpose gadgets! The most important gadget is the grappling hook where you could go places to places in the child's room quickly. (Just in case my wings fail)

Thirdly, a lovely crown that blinks! It sorts of enhance your status as a tooth fairy. Every fairy needs a crown!

And also a wand! This is a wand to collect the tooth and replace it with coins for the child. Every tooth collected will be placed in the tooth-shaped wand.

Fifth, in order to look cool, you need a cool shades. However, it is not an ordinary shades! It allows you to detect heat, or possible intruder, and scan the size of the tooth to determine the value. The child can be found easily as well with this marvelous gadget.

Gothic styled wings! This wings allow you to zoom and fly to the target in lightning speed, so you could finish the mission faster. With this, I can be promoted faster as well hekhek.

I'm the awesome Tooth Fairyyyyy! I hope I'll be more yeng than The Rock in the movie Tooth Fairy. ><

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  1. Nice gadgets ! Go go tooth fairy ~

  2. Ninja Coffee:
    Hee thanks!

    my version cannot! :P

    Haha! But part time can le.



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