The Different Reactions Observed From A Flyer Girl's Point of View

Been working as a flyer girl for Nokia Music Launch this Friday for the past two days in front of e@Curve. There was a cube there promoting the upcoming launch of the Nokia X6 phone this Friday on the 29th of January.

Three of us in charged of distributing flyers were accompanied with a "mini gig" by 'The Bananas'.

Throughout my 2 days working experience (=P) there, I learnt so many things, and the most important thing one could learn is, next time whenever someone passes you a flyer, JUST TAKE IT! T_T We are just trying to do our job, and the feeling of rejection is really painful. :(

Below is a list of the different reactions observed from my P.O.V when I was handling out the flyers complete with illustrations :P There were mixed reactions, both good, to really, really bad.

The super excited ones. They were super duper elated when they found out that it's free and Boys Like Girls will be performing! Love them the most as they made me, the flyer girl really happy as well. I feel appreciated.

The takers. They don't mind taking a flyer or two, and would approach the flyerin' team personally. Encountered a few who came up and asked what's going on. I feel appreciated by this bunch of people as well. *Sniff*

Very polite when they reject my attempt of creating awareness. Usually they will say 'No, thank you' with a smile and I'll reply 'Thank you' automatically as well.

Those that reject using a hand wave. Some will smile while doing it, but some will just look expressionless or angry. This gesture is the most popular when one reject your attempt to distribute the flyers.

Unfortunately, there were many sour faces as well. I think they thought I was trying to sell something to them, and they refused to be touched/disturbed/talked to/etc. Was very depressed encountering these kind. They'll treat you like an enemy.

The ignorant ones! Basically they treat like you don't exist, and you are basically talking to the air. They ignore you, they don't even look at you.

There were many who were very reluctant to take the flyers as well. I can see that they are really reluctant, but they just take it anyway. :D Perhaps they worked as a flyering crew as well?

Distributing flyers is a busy place is very tiring and we tend to give the person over and over again when they pass through us. We cannot really remember who have we given and not. Repetition tends to happen and some will take it again, but some will tell that they have gotten it already.

Trust me, please take the flyers next time you see someone distributing it, or just reject politely. Please don't ignore, it hurts a lot. :(

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  1. makes me feel bad as i always reject while waving ma hand. gee~

    imo, i not interested then i dunwan take to waste paper lor. T____T
    i sayang mother nature laaaaaa. lol

  2. haha..same feeling with u when i help my bro XD

  3. Ya it's no fun doing that... for me the worst are the 'Ignorant' ones, or the 'Sour face'.

    Tell the truth, I normally only take it if I really want it (don't want to waste paper), but I ask to see what it is first.

  4. Stella:
    True true, but must be polite lor, don't ignore. Damn sad one :(

    Shin Lei:
    Hahhaha! High 5!! T_T

    Yepyep! Love your way in declining!! :D

  5. i know what u mean, and i agree! Coz when i worked at the edu fair also like that one T.T

  6. Sam:
    Kesian kan! It's like being rejected over and over again. :(

    Good! :D


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