Pumpkin Soup

Today I had the best soup ever! Pumpkin Soup!


It was a super duper delicious Pumpkin Soup that my mom brought back. I hope she knows how to cook it the same way. :D I never knew Pumpkin Soup can be so delicious, as I grew up with ABC Soup, Lotus Soup, "Sour Vege" soup (Ham Choi =P), Yellow Squash soup.

When I go back PJ, no more soup for me to drink adee. :(

P/S: By the way, anyone drank Coconut soup before? O____________O

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  1. wuahhaa...CHING Y NOT TAKE A REAL PHOTO OF THE PUMPKIN SOUP HEHE....walao pumpkin veli nice one ..now u only know lol...dun tell me the the evil girl is u in the pic haha~!ya u ask me about my comic,EXORCISM-X right?...probably CHAPTER 1.2 will out in end of dec ...maybe extend to january cause script half way ..drawing on the way haha~!

  2. Hi, your graphics are very nice and cute!

  3. Fwah.. the pumpkin must be super nice until can make you draw awesome graphics... i wan that soup too... =P

  4. Eric:
    Cause I drank it alll!!! Bwahaha :X

    Johny, Baby Sumo:
    Thanks!! :D

    Hahaha. Come Ipoh drink! :D


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