Plants Vs Zombies

I loveeee this game! Plants vs Zombies!

But I sort of got chickened out when there were more zombies, and more different types of plants for me to use. T_________T I don't want the zombies to even touch one of my cute cute plants. Can't bear to see it die. Do the zombies consume the plants?

I read that it is the same strategy like Tower Battles, but a cuter version of it. It's still sitting in my desktop though, and I think the trial gonna end soon. Hahaha.

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  1. May you give out us the link to play the game ? The game is a flash game ha ?

  2. Eldy:
    It's downloadable. But trial though. ><

  3. I have the full version..
    come get from me..

    Its bloody addictivee >.<

  4. Yeah, I've finished it and repeat playing it. Fun and cute!

  5. Same here!! Finish the Adventure mood and u will see the extra ending scene with the Sunflower singing the Zombie song!! LOVE IT! Daisuki yo!

  6. akiraceo:
    Gip me gip me! You win jor?

    Fun right? And uber cute! :D

    Jacob Yap:
    Yesyes!! :D

    I scared to lose T____T

  7. Nope, zombies don't eat plants, they eat brains!

  8. lol. my GF was playing this game last night. very addictive!

    Btw, plant should be the one that consume zombie right? :P Corpse rotted into soil and plant grow on it.

  9. you're the genius behind this master piece, damn you're good.

  10. B-Mecha:
    True!!!!! O_O!!!

    Omg thanks :3


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