Nintendo Wii!

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I think I'm a little too late, but I love Nintendo Wii!!!!!

Want a Wii keychain? :P

It makes me wanna get one soon, went to Sueling's house to play Wii in conjunction with Christmas, and I super love it! :D But I have a problem though, I can't seem to face the controller to the censor, but always facing it at the television. T____T

Who got Wii wanna borrow me? :D

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  1. I oso wanna own a WII!!!!!
    LOL!! Yea,sometimes it does happen when we play a sport game like tennis then usually we swing the controller facing the tv rather than the console...Hehe:D

  2. hoho! i got wii! u want? korean version.

  3. ooh, i remember dropping this site before..because of your blog header.. ^^ i don't have one.. but my friends do and they are addicted to it... =.=

  4. Chihiro:
    It's like auto reflex kan? T_T

    Free free! Borrow me! :D

    Hehe, I'm addicted to it too! :D

    Go tryyy!


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