New Category - Failed Food

I've started a new category, which is called Failed Food. :D

Super cute homemade Portugese egg tart made by my sister.

But it failed! T_T Cause never use the paper cup thingy for the base. Straight away put inside the tray. :P So it got stuck all over the tray which doesn't look appetizing as the crumbs were everywhere. It's like eating egg tart without the tart. ><

I tried making green apple milkshake yesterday as well. And it failed also. We spoilt the blender halfway and quietly pretended nothing was wrong, and placed back into the box.

Resulted in blended-halfway green apples soaked in milk. T_T

I think I'm not fit to be in the kitchen. T__T

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  1. Shouldn't you chop it into smaller pieces first before dumping them into the blender? You can also use the fruit juice machine to juice out the apple and then blend it with the milk what. >.<

  2. Ooooh.... Agreed with Jason. Should be cut smaller.

    And the egg tarts... nothing to say. XD

  3. Yup! Should cut the apples into small cubes XD The egg tarts might look bad but I guess it should taste alright kua~ :D

  4. Bwahahaha funny sial..
    I like the part where you girls pretend nothing happened and put it back in the box XD

  5. Jason:
    Hoho mistake mistake! T____T Never thought of it hahahh! *Slaps self*

    >_< But the egg tarts not bad tau!

    Huhu! Yep it taste nice! :D:D

    I scared now. T____T When she finds out we're doomeddd!

  6. whuts ur recipe for eggtarts? im interested. ngek ngek ngek!

  7. Dhong:
    Ask my sister give you xD


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