Keep Bleeding~ Keep Keep Bleeding~

Recently, whenever I brush my teeth, it will bleed.

It seems to be occasional though, at times it will be normal, and at times it will bleed every time I brush it. Asked my mom, she say I got not enough calcium.

Keep bleeding~ Keep keep bleeding teeth~

It's bad right? T_____T

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  1. it's not your teeth that's bleeding, it's your gums!

    Better go see the dentist! Or else cannot eat sweet stuff ady, like at Snowflake! :P

  2. or you can just search google for answers. :)

  3. Aunt has the same problem...

    Maybe you're using a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard. Or you brush too hard. Try changing to softer bristle brushes. And brush, not SCRUB your teeth. :P

  4. Lagu kakakkk I you buat jadi tajukkk blog posttt. Aduhaiiii sedihhhh :D

    Hope your gums get better! Jaga gigi tauu, esset tu! :D

  5. Samantha:
    T______T Snowflakeeeee!

    Haha scared.

    :P I guess I brush real hard. ><

    Haha jangan sedih!! :D Tak ada gigi hodoh kan?

  6. Brush gently lar...
    Slow Slow... Lambat asalkan selamat.. ^^

  7. Jolyn:
    Hehe; I already 'insaf', hehe


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