In One with Nature

Ura Monster is in one with nature. Ommm... Omm... Ommm...

Ommm... Omm... Ommm...

Learned something from 2012, Nature is scary. We must be in one with it. :D

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  1. wahh this is so pretty~~~~

    and cute also ^^

  2. Greate improvement! :D

    I like your colours. Just some small feedback, perhaps the hair should have more details... it is a bit too plain over there.

    Congrats on your new blog design... I like it but... It is better to have english words for the navi (although I can read nihongo).

  3. akiraceo:
    Hehe thank you thank you! :D

    Ah I see, now that you've mentioned it. :D Thanks for the comments! Really appreciate it. :D

  4. Chingz..i really like yr ommm..omm sifu picture nice design and color very compatible le..hehe i hope u can read my comic posted in my blog giv some comments coz u very pro haha~!


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