Woof Woof!

Back from A Christmas Carol! Very nice and warm show, albeit a little scary. T_T


My uncle adopted two new dogs after his Shih Tzu went missing due to my sister's and I carelessness. We did not close the gate and it just ran off. T____________________T

Behold! Two Woof Woofs!

It was difficult for me to snap them as they were jumping around, but luckily these few pictures turned out fine. :D

This is the more active one! He was 2 times the size of the smaller one and he's always stepping over the smaller one. >____<

The super cute small sausage dog. My uncle used to have one just like him, a little bigger, but it ran out and was never seen again. :(

The will-you-open-the-cage look. :D

I will, I will, I will, I will have a dog when I officially start working next time! :D

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  1. Me likey woof woof.. Sooooo Cute~~~ I got three doggies... You make me wanna post about my woofies d...

  2. But r u ready to take care of a dog? It's great responsibility. Not easy to take care. But it's great training for you to prepare for parenthood. :p

  3. Jolyn:
    Post post! I wanna see! :D

    Mike Yip:
    Haha parenthood! :P


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