Wacom Bamboo! :D

Gotten my Wacom Bamboo from the first contest held by Foldees a year back. :D And I have not used it till few days ago. :D

Have not drew anything by myself thus I looked for art lines uploaded by many many great designers out there and started experimenting with the tablet.

First attempt. I know very noob! :D

Second attempt. Referred to a tutorial for this. Quite happy with the outcome. :D

No art line!!!!! Drew this from the tablet itself!! I can fly ehehe!

Yin and Yang. Do you get the concept? xD The eyes and hair. :D Please tell me you do!!!! Spent almost half a day on this.

*Wipes sweat*

Gonna try drawing and painting an original piece when I find my pencil. :P

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  1. Oh god! You have one! Omigod! I have always wanted one!! Tell me where to get one!!!

  2. wow.. really nice..
    i know i cant do that. =P


  3. ROFL! Definitely better than my DiGi video. :P

    But yeah, the most important part about the tablet is you need to practice.

  4. Cmate:
    You can get from any computer shops I guess. :D

    Hee thanks!

    Haha! Still need more practice. *Semangat berkobar-kobar*

  5. nanti hot hot chicken shit tu.

  6. Way better than me..
    I sucks at coloring >.<

  7. j-kiml:
    Hopefully not >_<

    Free de :D

    But I can't express myself through drawings not like you =P

  8. Nice try. :) I'm very bad with my tablet :< usually i use vector to trace but I'm too lazy to draw nowdays hahahah.

    some suggestion: Play around with "soft" shadow and "sharp" shadow. it will give much better feels ;). When you pick colour, try to pick colour with a little bit grey. it helps to soften the "raw" colour look

  9. B-Mecha:
    Ah! Thanks for the tips! Can't wait to practice xD


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