Taugeh Looks Very Unappetizing in Pictures

Have you seen this? Crazy, fussy fella wei.

Is it me but taugehs are really hard to take? Or maybe it's my camera. :(

One fine day, a few of us went to Teppanyaki, Midvalley. I think the service and the food is really awesome! :D

As usual, like many other Teppanyaki outlets, the place was full! We got comfortably seated behind the shop and ordered. The teppanyaki grill in front us were closed though. :(

Back to the main topic, this is Cuttlefish Teppanyaki! Looks really unappetizing kan? Taugehs is not photogenic at all! Especially when it is stir fried.

Chicken Teppanyaki, I just can't seem to get the color right. Really really not appetizing although it's so delicious.

Yaki ramen! It does look okay thanks to the shredded carrots, but the taugeh spoilt it!!!!! Curse you taugeh!!! Beansprout!!! (I just remembered the English term of it and I lazy to change the rest)

Bad bad bad bad bad beansprout!!! But it contributed so much to the yumminess of the dishes from Teppanyaki!

Now, this is a love-hate relationship with beansprouts.

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  1. FIRST! woott.. i think the last taugeh is fine. i mean the last pic lol.

  2. yeah agreed. the last one is ok, the others macam layu je

  3. the pictures are making me salivate. never mind, i have a pot roast in my oven. can't wait for it coz u make me so hungry now. :-)

  4. hahah, its the lighting, I presume.
    try use a chopstick to hold a bunch of bean sprouts, then go macro.
    maybe they'll look delicious?

  5. belz, nesca:
    Hahaha. maybe it's time to change to a DSLR. :P

    O mai! Piccies! xD

    Ah! Will do that next time! xD

  6. Wheee! I had that too. Same place :)


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