Got lubang T_T

During #nnawards bloggers tour, we get to visit Royal Selangor Pewter and join the School of Hard Knocks!

The pretty, pretty pewter bowl!

I was really really really excited for it, as you get to make your very own pewter bowl! :D Unfortunately for mine, mine got hole on it. (Which Robb and Zach laughed at the other meaning!)

The hole in the middle. :( And I think when I stuffed it in my bag, the shape sort of changed a little.

Zoomed in. I think I knocked it a little too hard. The instructor was stunned awhile when I showed him. Haha!

It's The Royal Selangor Appreantice Pewtersmith bowl!

But I'm still happy with it. :D Although it has a hole on it.

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  1. wow... nice wor.. but got hole.. hmmm.... ==

  2. eh how did u manage to get such a nice and clear pic of the wordings eh...i tried for ages but cannot tangkap!

  3. oh don't worry, you can always use it to hold non liquid things ;)

  4. Lee Chien:
    Yalo T_T

    Haha! Gunalah macro mode! :D

    Tzy Wen:
    Like coins! :D

  5. that's some impact XD
    can make hole in pewter XD
    or maybe pewter not very hard?? not sure :P


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