Finally! :D A New Blogger Layout!

Hello! Hello! I iz back! :D With a spanking new blogger layout! :D Got bored with the previous green layout, thus decided to change to a darker theme.

Ta-dah! :D

The header and footer are connected actually xD

Hope you guys like it! :D Do leave your comments to let me know what I can improve okay? :D

P/S: The Hiragana words above, I'm not sure whether they are correct or not :X Thanks Anonymous! Changed to Katakana. :D

P/P/S: The tracking between each line is better already.

P/P/P/S: Changed the footer again! :D

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  1. Nice graphics, did you do them yourself?

  2. cantik sial! Cepatla, bila snowflake nih... :P

  3. this is cute. =) i like it. it'll be cool if you could put some translation below the words or sthg in a smaller font. otherwise, everything is good... maybe you could do in 4 seasons or sthg next time if you thought of making a change.

  4. wow! impressed! wish I could do something like that. My artistic skills are somewhere between 0 and -1 :/

  5. nice graphics! wish my blog is cool as yours :)

  6. It's really nice. Love it.

    There's a few mistakes about the Hiragana though. Instead of Hiragana, I think you should use Katakana, since it's actually English.

    The contact should be - kontaku I think and the RSS could be aruesuesu (quite long I know xD)Not sure about Twitter though. Maybe chuitaru.

    Just my opinion though. But I really like the graphics!!

  7. Samantha:
    Soon soon! Snowflakee! :D

    Thanks for the suggestion! It is okay now? :D 4 season! Will keep that in mind. :D

    Hehe thanks!

    Aw you can de! :D

    Heyy! Hope you left your name though >< But really thank you for the advice! Did the katakana changes already hehe. :D

  8. lawaaa! hebat hebat! clap clap!

  9. nesca:
    Thank youuuuu! :D

    Yi Han:
    Thanks! :D

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