I've always been an avid fan of these plushies; but they were a little too expensive. :(

Now I have two of them! :D My very own Dooodolls plushies!

So cute kan? They are so fluffy and soft!

This is Meow Meow, and he's a superstar in the making haha. Although his face is a little bit scary, but I think he's cute. :D He acts like a pillow when you lie down on your chest.

And this is Pinkie Pirate, which have explored every corner of Dooodolls Planet. :P I assumed Pinkie Pirate is a girl, and she's so huggable! Her huge ears just drooped over your shoulder easily.

Oh, and this flash game of theirs, won Bronze in the recent Kancil Awards.

I really love the look and feel of the website and the game as well, maybe my style is little like theirs. >___<

Used Mr Nerdie for this design, he was blue so I incorporated the sea element in the poster, but after going to the Dooodolls website; I realized he's a Genius Mathematician. :P

Dooodolls FTW!! Anyone wanna give me more Dooodolls? :D :D :D

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaahhhh i want dooodolls...~!!!!!!

  2. I have one too! Kalor... so the cute..

  3. argh~! so cute, so soft!
    i want also lor...
    i think their designs are very unique.

  4. Stella:

    Which one you have? :D

    Yepyep very! :D

  5. soooo cuteeeeeeee : DD

    where do u people get this. i want one :'(

  6. Kalor.. the blue dinosaur.. lolol


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