Another 6 Interesting Things in Singapore!

Part 1 here. :D

Really well made signages, with exquisite names. :P

Interesting architectures, both new and old.

The famous Esplanade/The Durian! :D

Very stabilized Singapore Flyer. I've never been to Eye on Malaysia also. O_O It moved the Malacca kan?

Sweet Carrot Cake, which I don't like. >_<

1SGD wafer ice cream! :D Mint flavor in Orchard Road! :D

I feel like going Bangkok now. :D

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  1. again, i regret not eating the wafer icecream! why la did i go buy the super the expensive choco ice cream pulak omg.......

    ...but then hor my ice cream was seriously the nice lo! hahahah!

  2. Have you ever come across FoodKingdom? A social network for Food lovers like you.

  3. Sam:
    Should have eaten both! :D

  4. Esplanade Rooftop is the best place to go at night in Singapore!! :D


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