My beloved husband has a full moon on his face. TT_____TT As much as I would want to blog bout Nuffnang Awards, I need to pay a tribute to him first.

Nothing wrong kan?

But when he's lighten up, there's a full moon on his poor face. Note that I could only see the bottom part of my phone.

So I can't read messages, and if I wanna message, I need to imagine it. I still can call and answer calls though. :D

Should I say goodbye to him and get a new husband? (Which I can't afford), or hope that his face replacement won't be so costly?

And now I'm not even working! TT_____TT

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  1. awww... what happened? dropped it? pressed on it or what??

  2. Get a second hand hubby, if not how can u read sms from real hubby? =)

    Thought u were working in P1?

  3. oh.. your hubby is terminally ill. time for a burial and a mourning then get a new one!!! =P

  4. Isabell:
    Yeah; pressed on it. :(

    Tian Chad:
    No longer working adee. :( If only I have a real husband to buy one for me. :(

    But- But- $$$!

    I 'tam' my mom with the C&K Bag, she's like come I bring you go Sony Service Centre. :D

    Not at the moment. :(

  5. I got the W810i when it the hottest phone around and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I lost it in a locker room. It was almost the same feeling of being unable to find the body of a loved one after a natural disaster. Btw, I loved for you in the Blog Exchange. Love your illustrations, all the best!

  6. @carmen
    Right! T_T And thank you for your compliments! :D


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