Premier Washroom,The Gardens

Just realized my caption is Toilet! It's supposed to be the super-high-class-wonderful-awesome-premier-washroom.

Not toilet! :P

Anyway, went to Premier Washroom in The Gardens for RM5! Fuh!

Spectacular wooden carved doors. I suspect it's super high quality wood from overseas. Feels solid too.

Awesome soap dispenser which dispenses super awesome soap that will make your hand silky smooth! Pink in color some more! :D

Perfect, rounded basin, to wash your perfect important hands after you do your business.

RM5 well spent. *Grins*

P/S: Crazy meh spend RM5 just to go to the toilet washroom. I went in after closing hours hoho. They kept all the branded lotions and towels already.

Who actually paid RM5 for a toilet washroom before?

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  1. i paid for rm2 de before at klcc

  2. ahha yeah~! i went to the one in klcc before.. cramped toilet. so small space.. ahha~!

  3. If i'm payin RM5... i'm taking a dump... XD

  4. haha.. i didnt enter before. =P
    RM5.. alot leh..

  5. Have not been to any premier washroom yet.
    Perhaps will try my luck the next time I go
    to the Gardens. What floor is that? Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog when u r online. Tks :)

  6. Wow, RM2 KLCC already expensive.
    Now, RM5 Gardens ???!! Okay, when I fit into any criteria as stated above, I will try :)
    Do keep in touch!

  7. Okay, I think I have the Platinum Robinson card.
    I will try to go in and have a look..
    Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.
    Do visit my blog too, thanks :)

  8. I paid rm 2 for klcc to use their "premium lotion".

  9. ahah lol if u got all the stated card then it's free ma!

  10. Robb:
    Yaa! I read! :D

    Also Rm2?

    True! Can take a dump comfortably.

    Can get one packet of chap fan adee.

    Hm; it's near Tag Hueur's shop.

    Ahaks! Tell me bout your experience ya?

    Woohoo! Alright!

    How premium was it ya?

    Wth kan? xD

    But I too poor. :P


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