My Top 5 Treat List

Nothing extravagant, just 5 things that would make me happy for a looooonngggg, looooooonnng, loooooooooong time. :D

Thus, in no particular order. But the last one is the most important!

First in mind;

A new phone, cause I injured my old one. TT_____TT

His face has a full moon already! T_____T Thus, not that I will forget this husband, it is time to get a second one! This will be put into my drawer as remembrance. :D

A super cute Smart Phone so I can Twitter, Facebook, WLM, check mails, all at the same time! Now how I wish I could design with it as well. :D And since it's smart, it could lead me to places as well kan? As my sense of direction sucks.

It needs to sync well with my last most important treat as well, which is a Dell. :P

I've always liked this brown thing in the middle named Domokun; I love his expression! RAWR! I have two mini ones of them, one no shirt, and one, he's wearing a Tanglung! Tell me, cute or not cute or not? :D

So what would I really really want to treat myself next would to own a GIANT DOMOKUN! :D

I hope to take pictures of him and put it as my future Dell Inspiron Mini 13 laptop wallpaper! :D

Since I started watching anime when I was Form 4, my dream place to go has always been Japan. I know it's weird, but I learn so much about Japan through Animes! Their festivals, their lifestyle, their culture, which makes me wanna go there even more! My love for it grew after watching Japanese dramas and ogling at their bands and JPop. :P

The next treat that I want; is something really impossible! Really impossible until I'm laughing when I write about this. :D

I'm an avid fan of Family Outing, a Korea Variety Show which features Korea celebrities and their guests playing and working at the countryside. This show is the funniest! :D And it features one of my favorite Idol in Big Bang, Daesung, as circled in Red. >___<

Bwahaha! Time to buy a flight ticket to Korea! :P

The fifth treat, and most important one; would definitely be a new laptop for my everyday use. I cannot live without one, as I blog, I twit, I Facebook, I design, I Youtube, Animes, Dramas, without it, I don't know what to do. O_O! Was looking out for options for my last treat, and finally I decided.

It had to be this, Dell Inspiron Mini 13. It's so pretttttty! Look at the colors! I'm someone who emphasize a lot on designs and colors when it comes to packaging, things I buy etc. Many many reasons why I would want it most to treat myself:

Looking at the 7 colors that Dell offer, I can't decide between Green or Red. T_T Which one leh?

HD! HD! HD! Family Outing! Love Letter! Xman! Bleach! Naruto! HD AHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Another reason is that it is only 13"! Jeng jeng jeng, I don't think I'll hurt my shoulders when I bring it everywhere. :D

But the greatest reason to treat myself with a Dell Inspiron Mini 13 is to replace my current, faithful Dell Inspiron 6400.

I've been using this first laptop of mine, Dell Inspiron 6400 and it's still going strong till today. Have not format it at all, and it's still usable. But I think I sort of overworked it, and it sorts of broke down appearance wise. T_________T In other words, very ugly adee. T________T

Once a Dell, forever a Dell! :D

P/S: Dell have something installed for everyone as well.


Coupon Code: 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3. Only available through online or 1800 88 0301. :D Don't rush to Lowyat Plaza with this ya? 1 more week left!

Have you Dell Inspiron Mini 13 yet?

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  1. jom jepun! XP lol...
    (if we had planted money trees...sigh)

    omg! ur laptop miss them. LOL! and the battery u put last time..omg damn classic weih.. roflmao

  2. im waiting ur Dell Inspiron 6400 (☆_☆)

    shin lei

  3. omg this post is so cute ><
    now i feel abit down lah.

    neway goodluck with the contest ya!

  4. Jade:
    *Flies to Nippon* Haha; that's why I really need a new one. >_<

    Shin Lei:

    Come we win together! :D

    Yours is nice too! You too! :)

  5. This is the cutes entry i've seen~~Nice! I joined too! Hope we can win :)



  7. theeggyolks:
    Hee! Hope we win together gether! :D

    Wahahhahah! Dumb and Dumber THE BESTTTTT!!! :D:D

  8. Wishing your 4th dream will come true... XD

  9. Yr graphics are all very vibrant n good..
    really like the last image of the coupon you illustrate the most..good luck.

  10. erictbk:
    *Bows* :D

    Sean Lon:
    Hey thanks!

  11. domokun! domokun! i love it too..his expression is soooooooo cuuuute!!!

    wish i have one!
    domo arigato!

  12. hellor there~ is the result out yet??

  13. Topanimes:
    Hee! Buy one! xD

    Hm not sure. Is it today?


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