MOS Burger! :D MOS Burger! :D MOS Burger! :D MOS Burger! :D MOS Burger! MOS Burger! :D

MOS stands for Mountain, Ocean and Sea, which I don't know how it relates to their products but that's not really important. :D

Originally I wanted to get this, but the Uchiwa fan ran out of stock! T______T But nevertheless, everyone was so gungho about MOS Burger and I was pretty excited too. :D

Robb, being the most experienced MOS customer, suggested the Rice Rice Burger and Iced Tea with Japanese milk! Upon listening to the word Japanese, instantly die die also must try! Although I don't drink Iced Tea with Milk.

The super cute Japanese milks!!!!!!!!!!!! (I took these home by the way >_<)

Samanthaaa! Whom I knew it URA when we played with the telescope thingy. :D

[Picture removed :(]


Ah Lobb with Ah Zach!

Chingy and Miao!

And there's no picture of Yatz who ate the most burger. :( So I rummaged through his blog and Facebook to make a picture so he doesn't feel left out ahaha.

Ah Yatz who ate two burgers that night! Yakiniku and Unagi Teriyaki Chicken! And he wanted one more! :D

Finally, here's a picture of the Teriyaki Chicken burger. :D

MOS Burger please come to Malaysia. :(

P/S: I very sad la. T____T I think my external HDD which contains my backup cannot be recognized in My Computer although it is all powered up and detected. Somemore no backup because it's a backup HDD. T_____T

P/S/S: Very emo now. T_______T Lucky I drafted this earlier.

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  1. no lo..i didnt eat unagi lo..i had teriyaki chicken and yakiniku..combined it become teriyakiniku..

  2. Yatz:
    Paiseh! I really can't recall. :D But yakiniku I can! :D

  3. omg! im damn hungry now la weih.. i want my unagi rice burger!!!! :(

  4. oh yea la wey!!! I hungry now also! wtf! but MOS teriyaki. omg! *cries* T_T

  5. I see what looks to be Robb and Chee Ching. ROFL!

  6. i miss u and jade and mos burgers too!!!

  7. Jade:
    We go make ourselves? :D

    T____T mos mos mos *Chants*

    I didn't try that! T_T


    I miss you alsooo!!!

  8. never heard mos burger before...just heard MOS Euphoria the way...the burger looked delicious...clicked your adv...

  9. kumfye:
    Haha. Yep it's Japanese styled! :D


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